Sunday, November 28, 2010

"I Want To Save A Rescue Dog" By Marti Houge

                 I Want to Save a Rescue Dog

I want to save a rescue dog that no one else would pick.
But please... 
   I couldn't handle one that was too old...or sick.

I want a dog with fluffy hair that's silky to the touch; 
A dog I wouldn't have to groom
  (the work would be too much!).

My allergies are bad, and so the dog must never shed 
   or jump up on my velvet couch
       or sleep with me in bed.

The size is not important, but the dog can't be too tall.
And while I'm not being choosy,
     I'd prefer he not be small.

Cute and cuddly, sweet and smart 
   and one who doesn't chew.
Of course he must be housebroken (my carpeting is new).

A dog who's quiet in his crate (I work twelve hours a day);
A dog who isn't hyper, 
   and yet one who likes to play.
Of course all vetting must be done (it's easier for me).
And I don't want to pay a lot 
   for an "adoption fee".

Ah, truly warms my heart to save a dog in need.
I'll pick a dog that no one wants:
  a noble choice indeed!

A dog that no one else could love: a homeless dog that's needy....
I only wish those rescues weren't so fussy--
   and so greedy!

       Note by Laura Holloway : Marti wrote this poem to vent and I think it is perfect.. How many times do we hear the words written here. Great writing Marti. Thanks for sharing it with us.
                                        Marti Houge
                                          One Starfish Rehoming Connections

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